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New Study Highlights Ways Joint Use Agreements Have/Can Improve Physical Activity in Under-Resourced Communities in Los Angeles

In a study of Los Angeles County school districts, with all have disproportionately high adult and child obesity rates, researchers assessed the use and impact of creating joint use agreements to improve physical activity in under-resourced communities.  The study found that of the 1,669 site users they observed, most were Hispanic and nearly half were adults, with the majority engaging in moderate to vigorous physical activity.  Overall, the study showed that community member use of school sites was 16 times higher in schools with joint-use agreements than those without.  To read more on this study, click here.

Texas Adopts Policy to Increase Access to Physical Activity Opportunities for Kids through Joint Use Agreements

As part of an effort to continue development and implementation of School Healthy Advisory councils (SHAC) throughout the Texas School System, Texas Governor Ricky Perry has signed legislation this month that would direct SHACs to recommend joint use agreements between schools and communities.  By recommending the establishment of partnerships between schools and community organizations, Texas law is promoting increased access to physical activity and fitness opportunities for Texas public school students. Read more about the policy here.

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