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North Carolina Supports Joint Use Agreements to Strengthen Schools and Communities

North Carolina has adopted an initiative on joint use agreements to provide North Carolina school administrators, local school boards, city and county government employees, and community members with the information and tools to development agreements.  Through this support, North Carolina will be increasing access to playgrounds, running tracks, trails, sports fields, gymnasiums, and aquatic facilities, while sharing costs between these various groups.  Find more information here.

Community Soccer Field to be Built in Manatee, FL to Improve Community Engagement and Physical Activity

At the request of community members who have been requesting a shared recreational area, the Manatee County School District and the county’s parks and recreation department have agreed to build a  soccer field at Daugthrey Elementary School.  This agreement is the first of many to follow, as the county works to implement joint use agreements for all county and school resources.  This joint use agreement will not only provide the community with a means to be more physical active and engage more with one another, but will also improve the quality of the school and the neighborhood.  Read more here.

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