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Prevention Institute and the Berkeley Media Studies Group worked closely together to create this Web site for the joint use statewide task force. We thank The California Endowment, Kaiser Permanente, and the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation for supporting the work that allowed us to develop this site.

Prevention Institute

Prevention Institute (PI) is a non-profit national center dedicated to improving community health and well-being by building momentum for effective primary prevention. Founded in 1997 to address complex health and social issues, PI moves beyond approaches that target individuals, one person at a time, to create systematic, comprehensive strategies that change the conditions that impact community health. The organization builds on the successes of a variety of fields and applies them to new challenges in fields such as injury and violence prevention, traffic safety, health disparities, nutrition and physical activity, and youth development.

Prevention Institute believes that a prevention approach that draws on all the necessary stakeholders is necessary to ensure that prevention efforts are systematic and comprehensive. By linking practices from public health, education, urban planning, social work, and other fields, communities can create conditions for healthier living. The Institute works to define quality prevention and shapes emerging approaches, policies and governmental practices that foster health and well-being. Through its work, PI has supported policymakers, academics, funders and community collaborations in adopting a prevention-oriented approach to reducing the burden of disease and injury and improving community health.

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Berkeley Media Studies Group

BMSG was founded in 1993 to help public health advocates make their voices heard in a powerful public forum — the news — and increase their participation in the democratic process. Public health groups come to BMSG when they want to work more effectively with journalists, and journalists come to BMSG when they are interested in deepening their reporting on public health issues. BMSG has worked with community groups, foundations, government, and news organizations across the country on a range of public health issues, including affirmative action, affordable housing, alcohol, child care, childhood lead poisoning, children’s health, health disparities, nutrition and activity, sexually transmitted disease, tobacco, tuberculosis, and violence and injury prevention. BMSG’s publications are available at

BMSG’s interest in joint use and its collaboration with the Prevention Institute to create stems from the organization’s work with the Strategic Alliance, the Healthy Eating, Active Communities program, the Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program, and other members of the California Convergence — a coalition of advocates, media organizations and community leaders pushing for healthier food and activity environments.

BMSG is a project of the Public Health Institute based in Oakland, California. PHI is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health, well-being and quality of life for people throughout California, across the nation, and around the world.

Studio 678 Web Development

Studio 678 is a Web site development firm located in Oakland, California, specializing in new media to enhance web communication for small businesses, non-profits and others.

BMSG thanks Linda Lawler for her outstanding web design.

PI and BMSG thank The California Endowment, Kaiser Permanente, and the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation for supporting the work that allowed us to develop this site.

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