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  1. Changes in the skin in old age can also occur in the form of pustules, wheals or nodules. Not infrequently, these sites are very itchy. If open scratches are caused by scratching, it can be dangerous. Finally seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment, the healing of the skin is slowed in the elderly. Bacteria, viruses or fungi can easily penetrate into open wounds. Therefore, mitigating lotions should be used directly.

    Due to the virus of the chickenpox, a beltrose breaks out in some cases from about 50 years in humans in some cases. This is an inflammation of the skin in the area of ​​the chest or face. The affected areas are itchy and can spread. Since it is a viral infection, must be medically treated.
    Otherwise, life-threatening conditions may occur.

    Consistent and deep sleep help in the regeneration of the body and thus the skin

    stress prevention

    A quiet lifestyle spares the outbreak of stress-induced skin diseases such as inflammation or gangrene.


    Regular pretreatments and observations of critical body sites by a dermatologist can, for example, prevent skin cancer.

    Healthy eating

    Fruit and vegetables instead of fatty foods and ready-to-eat foods home remedies for seborrheic keratosis ensure the right supply of the body with vitamins and nutrients. This increases the skin's defenses.

    Lots of drinking

    The body needs about two liters of water a day. Then the water balance of the skin is also balanced.

    Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

    If drugs are avoided, the skin changes considerably in age.

    Protection of UV rays

    The skin is less stressed by a good protection from the natural sunlight and the avoidance of artificial UV light (solar studio). The outbreak of skin cancer is less likely.

    Lotions and creams

    Especially fat-rich and moisturizing creams and lotions can quickly return the glow of the past days with daily use of dry and tired skin.

    The best remedy for younger skin in old age

    With these remedies, you can maintain more mature skin and thus seborrheic dermatitis hair loss natural treatment minimize or delay the changes in the skin. With regular application and consideration of a healthy lifestyle, one can thus achieve a significantly younger skin image:

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  2. My office is working with recreation and adult education departments in a rural part of Maine to help them increase access to physical activity among low-income citizens. To that end, we provided funds for 7 departments to jointly purchase 7 GPS units for, primarily, geocaching programs. The units are owned by the group, not individual departments, so they will have access to more GPS units than if the departments were to act alone.

    We are in the midst of crafting a memorandum of understanding to facilitate the units' shared use. We were unable to find anything on-line to help in drafting shared use of equipment specifically but, we did craft something from what resources we could find. The next 12 months will be a trial period. If the shared use agreement works, I'll post the MOU. In the meantime, if you know of similar projects, please pass them along.

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  3. I was at a conference in San Francisco last week and was really amazed at all the different and creative forms of joint use that are happening in Daly City. The speaker, Mike Stallings, was just a fount of knowledge on how to build and nurture these agreements. He had joint use agreements worked out for just about everything from shared physical activity spaces, to parking, to a service kitchen and a greenhouse. It was so cool. Daly City is very diverse and his rationale: none of us has enough resources to do everything we want on our own so we have to collaborate. His definition of collaborating: putting his own resources in the middle of the 'table' and taking his hand away so that other partners can propose ways to partner and leverage resources that also meet their needs. I found it inspiring. He's really brought the concept to scale.

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  4. Hi all. I’m working to compile as many examples of successful joint use agreements for both the joint use locater on this website and the ENACT Local Policy Database on the Strategic Alliance website. We’ve found that sharing these examples and success stories are often invaluable at showing community leaders, elected officials, and school boards what is possible, as well as providing the technical details. I’m off to a good start but need your help! Does anyone know of joint use agreements that been successfully implemented? I’m particularly interested in identifying more examples from low income communities and communities of color. You can email me at, or post them here. It would be great to get a dialogue going here about the successes and challenges people have had with joint use. Thanks!

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