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Joint use for small rural/isolated communities

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  1. <i>Kata kata bijak</i>

    Posted 5 months ago #
  2. selizabeth

    In me experience the local school is often the only
    facility in small rural and isolated communities that affords both
    open green space and indoor space for potential community use.
    Developing joint use agreements with small local school board poses
    some challenges that are less common in larger districts and urban areas.

    The task of developing a JUA seems initially formidable. There has frequently been
    no experience or examples to follow. There is in other words no local capacity.
    Small school districts may also be approached by non affiliated groups of residents
    who want a place to walk or a space to develop a Folkloric Dance Group. Such local
    initiatives are vital to a sustained effort to make neighbor hoods
    less obesigenic.

    I would like to see some attention to the needs of such communities and specific provisions made in State Policy that will encourage the full use of the investment we have in our local schools. Being dependent on private funds for the development of JUA is simply another barrier to the work that needs to be done particularly in small communities.

    Posted 8 years ago #

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