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  1. People who do a lot of sports definitely do their skin good! The immune system and the body's own defenses are strengthened, the body is better circulated and fed with nutrients. This has a direct positive effect on natural shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis the health of the skin. In sport, the skin, our largest organ, is particularly stressed. It secures perspiration, becomes wet by water, is strongly stretched and subjected to rough stress. Important in this context, however, are the proper hygiene of the body and the care of the skin before and before the sport. Here we give the best tips for skin care after the sport!

    Why main care is important after the sport!

    Loss of water and minerals:

    The body is cooled by the sweat by means of the sporting activity. The loss of natural treatment for seborrheic dermatitis sweat is accompanied by the loss of many minerals and salts. As a result, the skin becomes more sensitive to skin irritations of various types.

    Residues of physical waste products:

    In addition to many salts, the sweat produced also includes waste products of the body, which are to be excreted by the welding water. If these residues are not removed, the skin can be irritated for an extended period of time.

    Weak skin protection:

    After sports, the skin is more susceptible to UV radiation from the sun is there a cure for seborrheic dermatitis but also to rapid drying. By applying oil in pure form, in lotions or in creams, the strained skin is quickly protected.

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  2. The Network for a Healthy California is hosting its 12th annual conference, "Partnering for a Healthy California," in Sacramento this coming February. It's a networking opportunity for public health professionals with a focus on new trends and research related to nutrition education, physical activity and hunger. The one-day event happens on February 8, 2010, and registration opens later this month (October). For more details, visit

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  3. Hi everyone! Registration is open for the Oct. 5 School Wellness Conference on nutrition, physical activity, safe routes to school, and joint use. Conference is in Anaheim, Calif. Go to for more details.

    Know of another joint-use-related event? Post it here by replying to this thread!

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