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Procedures for consolidating debts

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  • Started 3 weeks ago by martinrachel
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  1. workcreation

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  2. martinrachel


    I'm a software engineer. I was working in a leading MNC based in Calgary for a few months. Recently, I lost my job due to the recession. I'm really struggling now trying new opportunities. After losing the job, it's hard to stay current on all the payments since there is a dramatic loss of income. I'm unable to pay the monthly debts of credit cards and mortgages. So, I'm planning to consolidate my debts so that it could help minimize the monthly payments.

    My credit score is indirectly impacted by the job loss. Does debt consolidation work in my case? I had a research and found a few mortgage brokers in Calgary offering debt consolidation services. This option is attractive since I have outstanding debts at a relatively high rate of interest. ( ) Hope you would share your opinions and suggestions soon. Thank you in advance!

    Posted 3 weeks ago #

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