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Pilot program aims to improve the process and coordination of joint use

Alliance for a Better Community is partnering with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to improve the process and coordination of  joint use agreements. The project is funded by Community Transformation Grants and is part of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s RENEW (Renewing Environments for Nutrition, Exercise and Wellness) Initiative.

A Lodi Joint Use Agreement is in the Works

The City of Lodi and the Lodi Unified School District have shared recreational sports fields and facilities since 1969. Official joint use agreements, however, have not been in place since June 2009. At the Lodi City Council’s September 1st meeting adoption of an official joint use agreement will be discussed.

An Alabama city approved a joint use agreement Tuesday that will increase access to physical activity and allow city and county baseball and softball leagues to share park access

Two new ball fields and four existing fields will be shared by Andalusia City and Covington County in Alabama. City and county baseball and softball leagues will be able to share use of the fields as part of a joint use agreement approved Tuesday by the Andalusia City Council. According to Mayor Earl Johnson safety is a consideration of the agreement. Space between the fields will be closed off to traffic in order to make the park safer for children. Follow the above link to learn more about how the project will be funded.

Fresno Unified School District's new joint use policy is positively impacting health and the surrounding community

Burroughs elementary school recently became the first elementary school in the Fresno Unified School District to adopt a joint use policy.  Thanks to the work of Susana Cruz, Adriana Figueroa, and other Fresno area women an agreement was met that allows the elementary school to remain open to the public during the summer. Check out how the joint use policy has helped the Fresno community live healthier and more active lives.

Park-poor neighborhoods push for green

Santa Ana is one of the most crowded cities in America, and its population is among the youngest. Yet it has a fraction of the park space that other large California cities have come to expect… It’s also in talks with the school district about opening some school fields after hours and on the weekends. “There’re actually green fields out there,” Councilman Vincent Sarmiento said – they’re just not open without a school pass.

Study concludes: time and opportunity to build new and "greener" schools, better neighborhoods, and more livable communities in L.A.

“Neighborhoods most in need of more school seats  are also the neighborhoods most in need of access to family health care, green  space, affordable housing, and early childhood and adult education. We also  know that the social and physical environments of neighborhoods contribute to  the ultimate success of students and their families.” Los Angeles County Director of Public Health, Dr. Jonathan Fielding

When Can Youth Get Active? CANFIT presents how to implement the CA After School Physical Activity Guidelines

With budget cuts to physical education programs and academics being prioritized over physical activity during the school day, after school programs have a unique position to get youth active. CANFIT created a pilot project testing the California Department of Education-developed guidelines in after school programs serving low income communities.

Two Uptown parks are getting a facelift

In University Heights, Councilmember Todd Gloria helped break ground for renovations to the joint-use fields at Birney Elementary School, which will be completed by fall. Improvements include a 1.6-acre irrigated turf multipurpose field, a .25-acre perimeter walkway, fencing and an accessible pathway into the field.

Field upkeep is debated

Youth sports organizations say they appreciate the use of district fields, but feel they must shoulder an unfair amount of maintenance costs.

Stadium use plan at issue

Now that issues of legality surrounding the Redevelopment Agency funding of Joe Debely Stadium renovations have been put to rest, concerns over field usage have arisen.

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