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This page houses important links to past and upcomming joint use webforums inlcuding  notes, transcripts, and recordings.

The Year in Review: Highlights from 4 California Communities working to Advance Joint Use 

With support from Kaiser Permanente, California Convergence funded Prevention Institute and Public Health Law and Policy to work intensively with four California Communities to advance the policy and practice of joint use. Building off the work taking place in their communities the project has brought support and expertise to Earlimart, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Santa Ana and galvanized on their local successes by building momentum for advancing joint use at the state-wide level.

On December 15th, leaders from these communities met in an online forum to share their achievements, address the challenges they have faced, and to identify the resources that have enabled them to sustain their efforts. The webinar was moderated by Public Health Law & Policy and Prevention Institute and featured examples of joint use efforts across diverse California Communities. Colleagues from across the nation joined the webinar and contributed to the discussion of how to advance joint use. Use the links below to view the webinar and further the discussion.

  • Click here to listen to the webinar, view the content presented, and access chat questions submitted to the speakers
  • Click here to view a PDF of the slides presented during the webinar
  • Click here to build off of the questions posed during the webinar and further the discussion of advancing joint use
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